Cheers! National Marg Day- Every Day.

Hopefully you enjoyed National Margarita Day as much as I did this year! No worries if you missed it, here’s a margarita deal that will last the rest of February.

Chili’s $5 Margs, all month!

Still feeling like an alchy after National Marg Day? Don’t forget that Applebee’s still has it’s $1 drinks going strong. February is vodka strawberry lemonade.

Watch Times Square NYE Ball Drop 2021

NYE 2021 Ball Drop Link + 2020 Wrap up.

Video is LIVE at 5pm ET, 4pm CST —– Countdown Entertainment/Times Square Alliance.

2020 has taken enough! There I said it. Thankfully, The New Years Eve ball drop in Times Square is virtual and free for all to see. I’m posting this for convivence to my followers so that YOU can enjoy this NYE tradition, even if you’ve cut the cord.

Free Mobile streaming can be found at:

The changes this year has brought are vast and the challenges are far from over. Even so, something about 2021 feels fresh and hopeful.

Here are the positives we can take from 2020:

Drive in Movies (and concerts) are back! – I was so sad to see these be phased out by large box offices and streaming services but now I love to see the drive in movies packed!

Football – *sorry patriots fans* this is the first season since 1998 that the New England Patriots are not in the NFL playoffs.

Pet adoption – Looks like an increase of people were lonely this year and found a furry friend to offset this (I mean, I did) pet adoption was up

Stimulus checks – Two rounds of stimulus checks sent out across America (I hope you filed your taxes so you can qualify).

Pollution is low – I mean we were quarantined for half of the year so, I’d hope so!

Covid Vaccine – Medical improvements aren’t the only good thing to come from 2020. We are more prepared now for a pandemic and after this year, I have a feeling the world will be more up to date on the health and wellness supplies that we keep in stock in case of another crisis.

Adaptability – More people are working from home, or working remotely than ever. If you’re someone who is able to work from home please share – how’s it working in your PJs?

Gratitude – In a divided year filled with election split, and crisis management controversies there is something we all found common ground on. A mutual longing for things to be as they were, before 2020. It’s the small things we miss, and the small things that we can all be grateful for now. Individual freedoms that were taken for granted before – from going where you please, when you please to spending close time with friends and family.

NETFLIX – Oh no, of course I didn’t forget the highlight of 2020. A Netflix docuseries breaking records for number of watches on Netflix, Tiger King.

Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve, I’ll talk to you next year.


Tik Tok Dinner Inspo

An easy shrimp, pasta meal, found on Tik Tok.

Tik Tok could be leaving us soon – so naturally, I’m taking the liberty of spending as much time as possible in order to get the most of my time left with this app.

Okay, okay this may sound a tad bit dramatic but I’m telling you- Tik Tok has SO many hidden gems. There’s the musicians and artists getting attention and building their work, there’s cringey dancers and dancers that inspire others. There’s a level of connecting to others where you can find someone who is more heart broken, or drunk-o than you are.

My new favorite find though are recipes and DIY’s you can find and they are easy as can be. SO when I was on dinner duty last night I was lucky enough to see a tik tok meal that was easy and made with mostly what I already had at home. Of course I modified it to make it easier on myself (LOL) and what I already had in the cabinet after a long day at work.

Find on me on insta @megcarolina

The original dinner inspo I found from @jesspur on Tik Tok. Here’s how I modified it.

What you need:

Prep time + cook time: 15 minutes (add 5 minutes if cleaning fresh shrimp).

  • Shrimp
  • Garlic
  • Butter
  • Pasta (penne or Rigatoni)
  • Red Pepper flakes
  • Salt & pepper

What to do

Start boiling water (mhm, everyone’s FAV step–LOL)

Get a deep pan heating up with some butter, garlic, and olive oil, simmer then add shrimp. After this starts cookin’ add a little white wine (I used some cupcake moscato I had in the fridge). Season with salt/pepper and red pepper.

Cook up your pasta!

Seperate shrimp so you can take your cooked pasta and put it into the deep pan you cooked the shrimp in, get that pasta all in that garlic, buttery mixture that’s still in the pan. Add a little of your pasta water to this!

I moved the shrimp to a small skillet to get it a little more browned and crispy-ish. Added more red peppers (I like it spice-y!)

Mix all together, add LOTS of parm cheese and serve. YUM.